Alliteration for K Prep

Another  important skill for kindergarten readiness is alliteration, which is when the first sound is the same in several words in a phrase or sentence. Here is an example: “Silly Sam saw the snake slither into the sneaker.” And here’s another one: “Phil likes to fish and take fancy photos with his fabulous phone.” Do you notice in the 2nd example that some of the words started with the same sound, but not the same letter? This is alliteration, too, because the focus is on the sound, not the letter. 

When your child is ready, this is a great opportunity to develop some silly sentences together. One great book that uses alliteration well is Some Smug Slug by Pamela Duncan Edwards. Here is an excerpt: “Slowly the slug started up the steep surface, stringing behind it scribble sparkling like silk. Stop screamed a sparrow shattering the silence.” 

Do you notice how there are many words that begin with the /s/ sound? She has written several books that offer alliteration patterns. Keep this author in mind if you want to check out more books for this skill. You can find them in your local library or purchase here.

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