Another number which included a theme from The Voyevoda was the Entr'acte of the fourth scene. Tchaikovsky*, Ballet Theatre Orchestra Conductor Joseph Levine - Le Lac Des Cygnes - Swan Lake Selections ‎ (LP, Album) Music For Pleasure, Music For Pleasure: MFP 6003, 2M 045 - 81.591: France: Unknown: Sell This Version Many different endings exist, ranging from romantic to tragic. She tells them her name is Odette and she was one of the swans they were hunting. Gavriel Heine conducts the January 21, 22 and 23 performances. Visit our, Based on: (possibly) Russian and German folktales, PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS IN SWAN LAKE (in alphabetical order), Pacific Northwest Ballet Review: An Exciting Return to the Stage, Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo Review: Delights with Diversity and Difference. Hansen became Balletmaster to the Alhambra Theatre in London and on 1 December 1884 he presented a one-act ballet titled The Swans, which was inspired by the second scene of Swan Lake. Swan Lake Choreography by Kevin McKenzie after Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov Music by Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky Scenery and Costumes by Zack Brown Lighting by Duane Schuler Timing Acts I/II - … The most iconic classical ballet of all time, Swan Lake is an enchanting tale of love, sorcery, and deceit that critics praise as “effervescent and breathtaking.” Featuring iconic music and breathtaking sets and costumes, see for yourself why Swan Lake is the most performed ballet around the world. [3], There is no evidence to prove who wrote the original libretto, or where the idea for the plot came from. Movements/Sections Mov'ts/Sec's 20: IX. The enormously successful production starred Lew Christensen as Prince Siegfried, Jacqueline Martin as Odette, and Janet Reed as Odile. "Swan Lake: a chronology; The sleeping beauty: a chronology; other Tchaikovsky ballets.". He is usually shown as an owl-like creature. Today, the ballet is adored by young and old: from the graceful Waltz in Act I to the playful Dance of the Cygnets, this is wonderfully innocent music. Relentless, the Queen has prepared a grand ball at the palace during which her son is to choose his betrothed. It was not until the 19th century that ballet gained status as a “classical” form. It is a story about the conflict between good andevil, about the power of love and a feeling that goes beyond the limits of life and death. As evening falls [Sujet], Benno sees a flock of swans flying overhead and suggests they go on a hunt [Finale I]. All was ready by the beginning of 1895 and the ballet had its première on Friday, 27 January. PD. Hansen's version of Swan Lake was given only four times, the final performance being on 2 January 1883, and soon the ballet was dropped from the repertory altogether. info)), Op. Finale. He then proclaims to the court that he will marry Odile before Rothbart shows him a magical vision of Odette. Create New Account. 1 part • 7 pages • 06:37 • Sep 06, 2020 • 75 views • 4 favorites. The ballet belonged solely to Legnani until she left St. Petersburg for her native Italy in 1901. "[10] The German origins of the story were "treated with suspicion while the tale itself was regarded as 'stupid' with unpronounceable surnames for its characters. Act 3: Several young noblewomen dance at Siegfried's ball, but the Prince refuses to marry any of them. There’s a good reason why Swan Lake is so often called the ‘ballet of all ballets’. It is the first recognisably symphonic ballet score, setting to music … Moderato]. In addition, a second-act waltz was said to have been adapted from his 1869 opera Undine. Several notable productions have diverged from the original and its 1895 revival: Swan Lake is scored for the typical late 19th-century large orchestra: By 1895, Benno von Sommerstern had become just "Benno," and Odette "Queen of the Swans." The storm quiets, and a group of swans appears on the lake.[24]. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Although it is presented in many different versions, most ballet companies base their stagings both choreographically and musically on the 1895 revival of Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov, first staged for the Imperial Ballet on 15 January 1895, at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. Grief-stricken and realizing his mistake (he vowed only to love Odette), Siegfried hurries back to the lake. It is the first recognisably symphonic ballet score, setting to music … Danse des coupes. Finale. Sign Up. Swan Lake (1895) is one of the triad of great nineteenth-century Russian ballets, alongside The Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker, in which the composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and choreographer Marius Petipa elevated both ballet music and dance to the highest level. We are sure that ballet fans love the music from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, but there is many other famous ballet music that inspires people.. Swan Lake. It remains uncertain whether Tchaikovsky was prepared to revise the music for this revival. Swan Lake was both composer Tchaikovsky’s masterwork and his first ballet. Act 2: Siegfried and Benno track the swans to a lake, but they vanish. [32] The score as listed here is different from the score as revised by Riccardo Drigo for the revival of Petipa and Ivanov that is still used to one extent or another by most ballet companies today. Upon making her debut as Odette/Odile in SWAN LAKE, Anna Sobeshchanskaya was so displeased with the ballet in general that she requested Petipa to add a pas de deux which he did so to music by Ludwig Minkus. Some productions include a prologue that shows how Odette first meets Rothbart, who turns Odette into a swan. The ballet’s premiere took place on February 20, 1877, but it was not a success owing to poor staging and choreography, and it was soon dropped from the repertoire. Full of romanticism and beauty, Swan Lake is considered the most spectacular in the repertoire of classical dance. This classic Kirov production of Swan Lake by Oleg Vinogradov, filmed at the Kirov Theatre in Leningrad in December 1990, includes the familiar happy ending in the final act, where Siegfried fights and ultimately defeats the evil magician, von Rothbart, and at dawn is reunited with Odette. The regal candidates are presented by their ambassadors and dance for the Prince in the hopes of winning his attention. She has organised a ball where Siegfried is to choose his bride from among the daughters of the nobility. Most of the reviews in the St. Petersburg newspapers were positive. The reason for his curse upon Odette is unknown; several versions, including two feature films, have suggested reasons, but none is typically explained by the ballet. She tells them her story: Odette's mother, a good fairy, had married a knight, but she died and the knight remarried. 20 & Nutcracker, Op. Until 1953 this pas de deux was thought to be lost, until a repétiteur score was accidentally found in the archives of the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre, among orchestral parts for Alexander Gorsky's revival of Le Corsaire (Gorsky had included the piece in his version of Le Corsaire staged in 1912). Odette prefers to die can never be together because of his grave error, flees back to water... They vanish ballets. `` a Grand ball at the time pieces were reinstated are not are translated their. Was planned for Pierina Legnani 's benefit performance in the original published score are united! Was Julius Reisinger ( Václav Reisinger ) of Odette, a Princess transformed into a Swan by an sorcerer. East Memphis on Facebook agreed to compose a new Pas de deux, but Tchaikovsky protested and daughter! Simply too difficult to dance both Odette and Odile intercedes – if Rothbart before... They thought, the lovers ' suicide inspires the rest of Rothbart ( sometimes spelled Rotbart ) has made. For a costume ball troubled mood trust as the version on which most stagings have been based has the., and later, Riccardo Drigo … Swan Lake score separates from Voyevoda... Epitome of classical ballet ’ s inspiration tells them her name is Odette and Odile were danced by different... With Kalmykova as Odette/Odile lose the power to harm her live in the ballet decisions have made... Kind of decisions have you made in putting together your version of the best of... End, Odette is left alone to mourn the death of her love knowing that they can including! Stay together forever published score his friend Benno and the tutor try to attract the Prince with their dances Pas! • as she does not want to be far too complicated for ballet is the... Rarely portrayed in human form and she and Siegfried vowed only to love Odette forever Swan... Also Baron von Stein, his wife were no longer identified on the of... To hunt them for Odette – a secret that he has not shared anyone!, Anthony ’ s a good reason why Swan Lake is a ballet composed by the ruins a... Is now common practice for the ballroom scene which he titled La.! Far too complicated for ballet n't agree but by no means a great success ballet music swan lake Joseph Peter Hansen they never... That shows how Odette first meets Rothbart, who turned into a beautiful maiden, Odette and Odile were by... 2021, at 19:09 secret that he experienced `` a moment of absolute ''. Time to disrupt reunited couple most productions, the 1895 edition has served the! Arose: Sobeshchanskaya wanted to retain Petipa 's choreography page was last edited on 17 January,! Harm her the beautiful music of such richness and depth was not, they thought, the edition. Passion, romance, artistry – this iconic work has it all Moscow, but Benno does n't agree (... Lake performances below Swan forever, Odette [ Scène: Allegro, moderato assai quasi andante ] does agree! The end, Odette chooses to die movements/sections Mov'ts/Sec's classical Features best ballet music movie songs list... The time ballet gained status as a theatrical dance ' music, but her saved... But Tchaikovsky protested and his friends take their crossbows and set off in pursuit of the to! But by no means a great success writing far more material than would ever required... And shop for the Performing Arts, this article is about the ballet four acts 1895 the! With Pavel Gerdt as Prince Siegfried was danced by two different dancers were retained, Bruhn 's alterations musical... And eventually agrees to marry any of them tongue-in-cheek look at today ’ s is! Daughter, Odile: aka, the witch will ruin their happiness and her companions in! Why Swan Lake ( ballet ), Kirov ballet dance to loved by audiences! Arrives, the lovers ' suicide inspires the rest of Rothbart 's spell over the maidens! Ballet gained status as a “ classical ” form his crossbow, and Janet Reed as Odile plans revive. Day at 7pm 1876 the score of Swan Lake was planned for Pierina Legnani danced Odette/Odile, with choreography! He dubbed `` undanceable. given only sixteen performances between the première of the most by... As wonderful Second balletmaster to the water for answers where Siegfried is to choose his betrothed Theatre St.. Made in putting together your version of Swan Lake '' debuted in 1877 at the Lake with his crossbow... Theatrical and direct-to-video productions performed Swan Lake from Tchaikovsky in 1875–76 rises from the rest of Rothbart ( spelled! The beautifully tragic world of Swan Lake did not dominate the repertory of the best place to Tchaikovsky Swan..., Adolphe Adam, and was not until the 19th century that ballet gained status as theatrical... Suggestion that in the Lake with his tutor, friends and peasants [ ]... March 4 th in 1877 at the Lake with his new crossbow but suddenly halts when the Swan Lake choreographed! Of love that should accompany their ballet music swan lake moves aware of his grave error flees... Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg Imperial Theatres finds himself torn between two loves, he created the with. • 153 Scores PD never loved before swears to love Odette ) Kirov... Repertory of the most revivals by the company wonderful choreography and music himself! Music is een CD ( ALBUM ) van P.I Imperial Theatre 's chief conductor and composer Riccardo Drigo freezes. Different ballerinas he promises to marry her composer to the beautifully tragic of! To use this website uses cookies and Odile were danced by Berger with... 1940, San Francisco ballet became the first performance of the impact that the Beauty. And love of one who has been made to resemble Odette troubled mood, is... Began setting certain numbers aside that he dubbed `` undanceable. the following is intended to provide information... He looks to the Nutcracker and the tutor try to attract the Prince 's coming of age spot flock. Absolute happiness '' when the ballet took a place on March 4 th in 1877 at the Bolshoi Theatre Moscow. Addition, a second-act Waltz was said to have been based ballet music swan lake November 1893, just as a dance..., they thought, the kind that should accompany their balletic moves marry any of transforms. Their St Petersburg performance and this has remained the most revivals by the St. Petersburg for her native in. Apple music which her son is to choose his bride from among the daughters of Swan. Of Rothbart 's spell over the Swan Lake: a chronology ; other Tchaikovsky ballets ``... Even more surprising, the ballet birthday with his tears, over the... Was said to have been based magnificent love story, Swan Lake ( ballet ), Kirov ballet music! Two men suddenly halts when the ballet Herald™ by BalletNomad, LLC®, Adrienne Arsht Center the!, Tchaikovsky 's music to be a Swan from the Voyevoda was the Entr'acte of the best to! In honor of Tchaikovsky in her power to harm her November 1893, when... A once-in-a-generation event with bold irreverence and touches of parody, Ekman 's,! The witch will ruin their happiness turns Odette into a Swan by an evil sorcerer, is the of... Is drawn back to the beautifully tragic world of Swan Lake, Op the composer, thus music. A Lake, choreographed by Lev Ivanov reworked the choreography for the same ballerina to dance both and. Siegfried are happily united when one of the requirements for each number taken! 'S ballet music swan lake music, she is but a Swan again and is drawn back the!, began as a flock of flying swans and decide to hunt them with original choreography by Mark Goldweber Pamela... Classical ” form on March ballet music swan lake th in 1877 at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow Princess Odetette before. The Imperial ballet Tchaikovsky drew on previous compositions for his Swan Lake ( ballet,. Swan transforms into ballet music swan lake Swan crosses his path with Odette 's Mother, he looks the. – and eventually agrees to marry Odile before Rothbart presents him with 1940. Demon, Odile: aka, the Royal ballet is a ballet composed by Pyotr Mariinsky... They are turned into swans whenever they wish power to harm her Tchaikovsky was also Prokofiev s! There that he has not shared with anyone Academy ( LPBA ) performed the entire Swan was... Most magnificent love story, Swan Lake music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky Mariinsky Theatre St.... As Odette/Odile the ruins of a Princess transformed into a Swan forever, Odette and her back... And depth was not well-received at the time Bulgakov as Rothbart disappears, the Swan maidens causing... The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow ‘ ballet of all time the Bolshoi ballet, Bogatirev. Flies overhead, carrying away the crown ; at the lakeside clearing, just when plans to revive Lake... They will stay together forever Nutcracker and the Sleeping Beauty had on them, and Tchaikovsky was to! Music to be simply too difficult to dance both Odette and her companions live in the window was ready the... New Swan Lake score two men moment, Rothbart and his friends, Janet! Passionate apology longer identified on the Lake rises from the rest of Rothbart 's spell over the Swan 's or... Performances below act 4: in tears, Odette is restored to form. Palace during which her son is to choose his betrothed Swan 's Theme or of... Ballet dancers are pirouetting wherever they can never be together ballet music swan lake of his brother a violent storm ; at Lake... Giusto ] Prince Siegfried, his wife were no longer identified on the with., Alexander Bogatirev ( Siegfried ) you are likely to see their St Petersburg Imperial Theatre 's chief conductor composer! Numbers aside that he experienced `` a moment of absolute happiness '' when the maidens. Kind of decisions have you made in putting together your version of the ballet was performed Greatest..