Goal of the Month for Parents

Goal of the Month for Parents

Each month, we share a new Goal of the Month for parents. These goals give you something positive you can focus on with your children. Many are things you are already doing or have done in the past, but it is always good to circle back to them and we can all appreciate a new take on them. Here, we have compiled all of our previous goals and we will continue to add to this post. 

May 2020

Review with your kids the proper way to wash their hands!

Remember the 5 steps listed by the CDC: wet, lather, scrub, rinse, and dry. Read our full blog post, Handwashing Tips for Kids, for ways to add some pep to your child’s handwashing routine.

April 2020

Take this month to appreciate the extra time with your kids by trying new activities together each week.

Here are a few to get you started: have an indoor picnic, learn a TikTok dance, write a letter or thank you note, take a virtual field trip, and have a cooking challenge. Read our full blog post on this, Indoor Family Quarantine Activities, for more ideas.

March 2020

Challenge your child to make a new friend.

Whether they find someone new to eat lunch with or sit next to a new kid on the bus, it’s important to encourage kids to form new relationships!

February 2020

We all know the importance of limiting screen time.

Make it a goal this month for everyone in the family to stop screen time 1 hour before bed. You can make it fun by doing an activity together such as working on a puzzle or playing a board game.

January 2020

“What did you do that was kind today?”

When your child comes home from school, ask them, “What did you do that was kind today?” Pose this question a few times a week after school to provoke a positive outlook on the day.

December 2019

Enjoy all of the special moments.

Despite the craziness that can come with all of the December festivities, remember to take time to just enjoy the special moments with your children!

November 2019

Start an attitude of gratitude with your children.

As part of your morning, dinner, or bedtime routine, everyone can share 3 things they are grateful for – big or little, serious or silly.

October 2019

Reading is one of the most important things for children of all ages!

Use October to model the importance of reading by taking time to read your own books, newspapers, or magazines, so your child sees you reading regularly.

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