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Alphabet & Sounds for K Prep

Having a good understanding of alphabet and sound knowledge is the beginning step in developing reading skills. It is crucial that children can identify the letters of the alphabet out of order and identify the sound each letter makes. This applies to both capital and lowercase letters and should be automatic. They must have this understanding before reading can take place. Here we have some basics for you on kindergarten prep for alphabet and sound knowledge.

First, instead of teaching the name of the letter in isolation, you may also teach it with the sound the letter makes. We know that some letters in the English language can make multiple sounds. Just knowing the letter name does not transfer to reading; they have to know the letter sounds in order to sound out the word. 

Aim to work on 3 letters and their sounds at a time. Once the 3 letters and sounds are mastered, you can add in a new one. Keep in mind that repetition is key when teaching alphabet and sounds.

One fun activity that supports this skill is using bathtub letters. Here is a link to one of Andrea’s favorite options that she used with her daughter.

We have an entire video demonstrating exactly how to use the bathtub letters, specifically what to say during bath time, and how to teach sounds correctly. Join K Prep for videos with research-based, fun activities to help build these foundational skills with your child!

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