What are your goals for your child? Our experienced teachers offer virtual tutoring nationwide and in-person tutoring and virtual learning support in Virginia Beach. We offer help with reading, math, and many other subjects for all grade levels. Your child’s teacher will create a customize weekly or daily program through which your child will feel successful and you will see the progress over time. We provide tutoring or virtual learning support sessions as many days and hours a week as fits your family’s needs.

In-Person & Virtual Tutoring

Traditional, in-person tutoring sessions are very effective with students of all ages. Tutors may use a combination of hands-on and technology-based materials and strategies, depending on the best way to meet the needs of each student. In-person sessions are only offered in the Virginia Beach area.

We are now also offering virtual tutoring sessions. Your child will receive the same level of customized instruction, one-on-one, in real-time, with one of our experienced teachers. Our teachers have developed many effective ways to provide academic support virtually, using a variety of programs and strategies. Virtual sessions are available for all students, regardless of location.

Virtual Learning Support

With the uncertainty of what this coming school year will bring, many families are setting up virtual learning support for their children. This can be done with an individual family or with “pods” of up to 4 students who are all in the same grade. You may create your own pods or we can help match you with a pod. As with our tutoring and homeschool teaching, a plan will be customized to fit the needs of each pod, family, and student.

Our Services

  • Confidence Building
  • Remediation
  • Academic Enrichment
  • Homework Help

Goals we have previously worked on with students include:

  • boosting student’s confidence with academics
  • intervention to improve student’s reading level
  • intervention to improve student’s math level
  • assisting with identified learning disabilities
  • helping students complete their weekly homework
  • preventing the “summer slide” by keeping skills fresh throughout the summer, so students can start the new school year just as strongly as they ended the last one

Grade Levels and Subject Areas – Please inquire if you do not see the subject area you need below as we are constantly adding new teachers to our team!

  • Preschool and Elementary
      • Every subject area & grade level
  • Middle & High School
      • English / Language Arts – all levels
      • Math – Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra Functions, Algebra 2, Data Analysis
      • Science – Earth Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
      • Social Studies – U.S. History, Government, World History, Geography
      • Languages – Spanish & French

Our Sessions

Each tutoring session with Growth Education includes the following:

  • a few minutes focused on relationship building, which increases the student’s motivation and confidence
  • formative assessments that take a quick look at the student’s current level and inform the tutor about what to work toward next
  • a session report for the parent at the end of each session with detailed notes as to what they worked on and what to work on at home

Our Approach

At Growth Education, we view tutoring as an opportunity to provide students with the one-on-one attention and instruction that is not possible in the classroom. Tutoring with us is a positive, fun, and empowering experience for our students. We provide opportunities for success while constantly scaffolding the help we give so students are always working toward the next goal.

Our Tutors

We pride ourselves on having highly professional teachers, who are committed to the success of our students. Growth Education only hires experienced teachers who hold an active teaching license. All of our teachers have taught a variety of children including, but not limited to: gifted students, students with accommodations and special needs, students with ADHD/ADD, speech and language learners, and English language learners. We understand the nuances in teaching each of these students. Read more about our experienced teachers here.

Our Rates

Each 1-hour private tutoring session starts at $65. For virtual learning support, half-day summer tutoring rates, or other tutoring rate inquiries, please contact us directly at (757) 797-5540 or Info@GrowthEd.com.

What Parents Are Saying About Us

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