Virginia Beach Homeschool Teaching

Our team supports both public and private schools. However, they simply are not the optimum fit for every child, so we developed a private homeschool teaching concept.

This provides a much more customized approach, created specifically for your child’s needs, schedule, and goals and moves at his or her pace. It can be done individually or as a small group and incorporates opportunities for learning life skills and socializing with other students. There is more freedom for your child to explore his or her interests and the community.

Each family and each child is unique, so we create a program according to your needs. Some students need a full-time one-on-one teacher and some students only need a few hours a week.

When you contact us about private Virginia Beach homeschool teaching, we will start with an initial phone call then meet in person to talk through more details and determine how we can best support your family.

Virginia Beach Homeschool

Virtual Learning Support

With the uncertainty of what this coming school year will bring, many families are setting up virtual learning support for their children. This can be done with an individual family or with “pods” of up to 4 students who are all in the same grade. You may create your own pods or we can help match you with a pod.

As with our tutoring and homeschool teaching, a plan will be customized to fit the needs of each pod, family, and student. Read more about our experienced teachers here.

homeschool Growth Education

Success Story

From 4th Grade to College in 3 Years

A private homeschool student who started with Growth Education six grade levels behind, at a 4th grade level at the age of 15, made remarkable progress with our full-time, one-on-one private homeschool program. In the first year, he completed 3 grade levels of English and 3 grade levels of math, maintaining an impressive pace, truly learning the material, and able to apply his new knowledge. 

After 2 years of private homeschool teaching, he progressed 5 grade levels and began high school courses. Upon completion of his third year of private homeschool teaching, he passed the GED and is beginning courses at a community college in the fall. From 4th grade to college in 3 years is truly remarkable progress!

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